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Our Movement

Tennessee deserves better than divisive politics, and Noah is committed to bridging the gap. He believes in fostering unity, collaboration, and respectful dialogue. In a time when our country feels more divided than ever, Noah is dedicated to bringing people together to find common ground.

Invest in Public Schools

Noah believes in investing in our public schools. As a teacher himself, he understands the challenges our education system faces. He wants to ensure that every child has access to a quality education, regardless of their background. Noah opposes school vouchers because he knows that investing in public schools is the key to providing equal opportunities for all our kids


Take On Gun Violence 

Another crucial aspect of Noah's campaign is addressing the issue of gun violence. He firmly believes in common-sense gun safety legislation such as universal background checks, safe storage laws and restoring our gun-free schools policy. Noah wants to work towards comprehensive solutions that keep our communities safe while respecting responsible gun ownership. 


Protect Our Rights

Noah is running to put an end to the divisive politics that prevail at the state legislature. From the constant attacks on minority communities to the silencing of political opponents, Tennessee politics has become divisive and extreme. Noah is running to end this era of divide and conquer politics by bringing Tennesseans together around our shared interests and values.

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